10 Homemade Minimalist Room Decor Ideas, Easy!


For those of you who like the concept of minimalism, the biggest challenge is choosing the right decoration products. The more you buy or stock up on items, the more distant from the minimalist impression you want to achieve. Well, why not just try DIY techniques for decorating your minimalist bedroom? In addition to the relatively low cost, minimalist room decor design can be created according to your taste, it is definitely right, and can be used to the maximum you want. Come on, take a peek at 10 DIY decorating ideas for minimalist rooms!

Leather Hanger Wall Clock


Wall clock is a mandatory accessory that must be in your bedroom. This minimalist room decoration idea can be made in DIY by taking a used wooden board that is round / square, then paired with an existing clock machine. Coupled with leather hangers, so decorate a minimalist room with stylish wooden accents.

Decorative Artistic Wall

Don’t want to be bothered by complicated wall decorations? Present a minimalist room decor in the form of a private gallery space containing your DIY works. This minimalist room decor can be a special inspiration with creative style.

Beautiful Recycled Bottle


Don’t have a flower vase? Used items can be transformed into attractive and unique minimalist room decorations. Whether painted with a choice of colors or given a variety of yarn twists, choose a bottle with a simple design so that the minimalist bedroom decor gets more attention.

Wall Decor Hand Creation


Do not need specific skills, decorating a minimalist room in the form of a wall hanging the ornament or twisted in the style of DIY with a combination of other materials can be easily present in your room. Look for inspiration without having to use complicated tools to decorate minimalist rooms to taste.

Unique Rack, Attractive Display


Only with long sticks and glue that you can get in the hand-made material shop, you can get a minimalist room decoration by connecting it to form a unique wall shelf to attach to the wall. Add also to the decor of a minimalist room like a cute cactus above, the atmosphere will be even more fitting!

Extra Stylish Furniture


Need extra seats? Just make an ottoman from the pillow with additional solid material and wrap it in a cloth with a taped method. Besides having an extra small chair, you will enjoy this furniture as a cute minimalist room decor.

Functional and Decorative Headboard


Minimalist room decor can also appear on a large scale, like the headboard of this beautiful palette of wood. This DIY project is indeed more challenging, but it is not impossible at all. Also, add a paste rack so that this minimalist room decor is not only economical but a maximum style.

DIY Wood Bookbinding


With the main ingredients of solid wood and paint, you can create a minimalist room decor in the form of a clamp of this sturdy book. Suitable for those of you who like to collect novel books, additional minimalist room decor will make a shelf or table more sweet.

Cork Mini Board


There is no more reason to forget or miss thanks to the DIY reminder board as well as decorating this cute minimalist room. Stick a good board on pieces of wood that you have shaped and painted before. This wall hanger also decorates the minimalist rooms with colorful rooms full of benefits.

Succulent Personal Variations


Succulent can be a decor for minimalist rooms that are easy to care for and make the scenery more natural. Move the succulent to a variety of small pots or glasses and then arrange with different layers of soil and rocks. This personal design will make the minimalist bedroom decor even more meaningful.


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