15 The World’s Most Creative Unique Fences

The choice of fence is an important factor in home components. Fence design, size, and material must be adjusted so that the appearance of the house is not only attractive but also retains its function.

Fences have a function, one of which is to provide privacy and security for residents of the house. Not only that the function of the fence other than as a barrier can also be a decoration that can beautify the environment.

In designing unique home fences, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to. One of them is adjusting the model of the fence with the style of home architecture so that it feels integrated with the concept of the house building itself.

Unique Aquarium Fence


Unique Fences Aquarium

If the aquarium is usually placed in a room, this is not the case in a residence in Turkey owned by Mehmet Ali Gokceoglu. Mehmet changed the concept of conventional fencing to be unique. He replaced the metal fence that surrounds the villa with an aquarium, totaling 50 meters.

Barramundi, kurisi, mullet, eel and octopus are some Aegean sea species that live on Mehmet’s aquarium fence. According to some reports, there are now nearly 1,000 fish living on the unique house fence.

Building a transparent aquarium structure as a fence is not difficult. The challenge is how to connect the aquarium fence with a pipe buried in 400 meters of soil, which is connected to the Aegean Sea.

The function of the pipe is to facilitate the change of water as well as maintain cleanliness, so that animals that live in unique aquariums are not short of breath by stagnant dirt.

Unique Colorful Pencil Shapes Fence


Creative Unique Fences

Bored with an ordinary wooden fence? This unique house fence can be your inspiration. The design of the fence from wood material transformed into an interesting work with a touch of art. Who would have thought that applying the concept of color pencil to fence design would awaken the interesting and unique side of a house? Different fence colors add creative and unique elements so you don’t get bored with the same fence model. In addition, this unique home fence is suitable for those of you who like full color shades.

Unique Mirror Fence


Unique Mirror House Fence

This fence is made with materials that are quite unique. The appearance is so different because this unique home fence consists of acrylic, wood and aluminum. These materials make the mirror fence reflect light and also the appearance of the surrounding environment. This unique house fence is not visible and gives the impression of being one with the surrounding environment.

The person who has the bright idea of ​​making this unique home fence is Alyson Shotz, an American artist. The artwork was created in 2003 under the title “Mirror Fence”. The unique house fence measures 42.06 m x 91.44 x 10.16 cm. Very unique and interesting right!

A Unique Piano Keys Fence


Fence Unique Home Piano Keys

Applying piano keys that are black and white also doesn’t hurt you know for your unique house fence. The manufacturing process is also quite simple. Unique home fences are made to resemble black and white piano keys. This unique house fence can also reflect the character of the owner who likes music.

 A Unique used bicycle house fence


Unique Home Used Bicycle Fence

Recycling used goods is becoming a trend in recent years. If your house is filled with old, unused bicycles, don’t rush to sell it.

These bikes can still be used to decorate your house. One of them is that it can be used as a unique home fence. The trick is to cut each part of the bike and arrange it according to taste on the existing wooden frame. It doesn’t have to be neatly arranged, this unique house fence you can make with a random arrangement.

A Unique log fence


Cornond Woodana Unique Home fence

The main ingredient of this unique house fence is raw wood or commonly called log. To make this unique house fence, you can combine it with a lacquered wooden frame. Besides being able to highlight artistic value, this unique home fence can also be adjusted by yourself. You can also combine it with logs of various sizes, from the smallest to the biggest. Plus, you can attach natural wall hangings to your interior for additional decorations.

Unique US Card House Fence


Creative Unique Fences

For those of you who like to play poker cards certainly will not feel alien with this unique home fence design. This unique house fence has an attractive card pattern. Each wooden board is drawn in a US card pattern. Make your house as if protected by a giant US card on the front.

Unique Used Home Door Fence



For those of you who like to take advantage of used goods, one of these unique home fence designs can be used as inspiration. This unique house fence uses used doors as the main material. To present a more attractive appearance you can color it with bright colors. Besides giving a full color touch, this unique home fence also gives a vintage impression.

Unique acrylic home fence


Although the impression of this unique home fence does not provide much privacy for the occupants of the house. But this unique home fence has its own charm. This unique home fence is made of acrylic. This unique house fence is proof that to make a fence you can use any material. Not just iron or wood.
A unique house of glass mosaic

Mosaic home fence 


Have enough glass or used mirrors? Eits, don’t throw it away first. You can use it to create unique home fences. You can start by breaking the glass in various shapes and sizes. After that, you can arrange the broken pieces of glass according to taste on the wooden fence to produce maximum uniqueness. Who would have thought the right mirror could be used as a fence decoration?
Unique home decoration fence

Unique Decorative Lights Home Fence 

In order not to be boring, you can be more creative playing with decoration lights or decorative lights for lighting on the fence of your unique house. The small LED lights that are often wrapped around this Christmas tree do look simple. However, if it is based on the right location, it can display a unique house fence looking more beautiful. Moreover, this decoration lamp is also not too expensive. Guaranteed, your unique home fence will become Instagram-able with the touch of the led lights.
Unique used window home fence

Unique Home Fence Windows Used 


Bored with your home fence made of wood, but don’t have more budget to dismantle it with a new one? You can renovate it by using several used windows. Like the unique home fence in Twisp, Washington, the following. The holes in the window actually add to the artistic impression on the fence right!
Unique home used bottle fences

Used Bottle Unique House Fence


Recycling used bottles is not unusual at this time. With a little creativity, you can make your home look unique and different from the others. One of them is by using used glass bottles. You can change this used glass bottle into attractive home accessories.

One of them is transformed into a unique house fence. You can create it by hanging vertically using a rope. Artistic impression will be increasingly visible when you innovate with various used bottles of various colors and shapes.
Unique cactus house fence

The Unique Cactus House Fence 


Green plants can be used as unique ornaments to add aesthetics to the exterior appearance of the house. Cactus is one of them. This plant is one of the plants that is timeless or will never look ancient whenever applied. In addition, the treatment is also relatively easy. Well, there’s no harm in starting to consider planting a cactus or other ornamental plants as a fence for your unique house. This unique cactus house fence will give a natural impression and close to nature.
Dragon’s unique home fence

unique house fence with dragon shape



This unique house fence with dragon shape makes anyone who sees it will be stunned. The metallic color of this unique house fence gives a touch of dashing but also luxurious. His dragon body is really designed in such detail. His sharp eyes seemed to hypnotize anyone who looked at him.

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