6 Festive Cheap Decor Ideas Use Colorful Lights


The presence of lights makes daily activities easier and more comfortable, especially in dark places or at night. But as time goes by, nowadays lights are also used as elements of room decoration. The lights usually used for decoration are colorful lights.

If you want to decorate the house with colorful lights to make it look more festive, try to look at some of the following ideas!

1. Colorful lights inside the yarn loop

For soft and unique decoration results, hang the strands of colorful lights that are inside the yarn twist. You do not need to worry about the thread will burn because of the heat of the lamp, because the shape resembles a ball and is not directly attached to the bulb. Decoration of these colorful lights is suitable for hanging in the bedroom or backyard.

2. Colorful lights inside bamboo

The next colorful lamp decoration idea uses bamboo sticks. Finding bamboo in Indonesia is not difficult, so you can make it yourself. Cut bamboo according to taste, for example 25 cm or 40 cm ingredients. Then give a small hole at some point.

After that, put the lights on the inside of the stem. To produce colorful light, you can attach different colored paper to the inner hole. This decoration is suitable to be used as a light sleeper or decorator on the living room table.

3. Colorful lights for bird cage decoration

Lately, vintage design decoration has been popular again to decorate the corner of the room. One item that is often found in vintage a la decoration is a small to medium bird cage. Usually in this cage there are beautiful flowers strung together.

But to get a slightly unique impression, try adding colorful lights tucked between the bars of the cage. You can apply this one idea to Christmas decorations. Simply replace the flowers with cypress leaves, bells, and red ribbons. Then put it on the table. When the main lights are turned off, this one decoration will look very beautiful.

4. Colorful lights form writing

Bored with writing decorations that are only printed then placed in a photo frame? If so, you must try the decoration of this colorful lamp. Decoration in the form of writing also looks more alive and interesting. If writing is too long to fill the wall, try changing it with a family name or various abbreviations like TGIF and so on.

5. Colorful lights like vines

Colorful lights like tumblr lights can be easily obtained in various online shops. All you need to do is buy and arrange it as home decor. Hang these colorful lights on the top of the wall or ceiling, then add another string of lights along the path. Let the lamp hang down. Your room will look more romantic.

6. Colorful lights combined with polaroid photos

A cheap cheap decoration idea using the latest colorful lights is the cheapest and easiest idea. You only need to prepare colorful strands of lights and polaroid photos. Next, attach the colorful lights to the wall and hang a polaroid photo using a small pin.

So that’s it,  6 cheap decoration ideas using colorful lights. Although these colorful lights do not consume a lot of electrical energy, you should keep them off if you are not needed to save electricity and avoid short circuit. Happy decorate!


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