7 Inspiration of Living Room Together with the Park


What are the criteria for an ideal living room? The answer is certainly not only depends on the taste of each homeowner, but the available spatial conditions. But if the outdoor factor is one of the criteria that must be met, then Kania has the inspiration of a living room that integrates with the garden that you can copy the following!

Family Room Blends with the Garden, a Small Family’s Ideal Paradise


Casual, relaxed and open-minded makes why a living room integrates with a park is a trend that must be tried if you have land and budget. Inspiration of the living room together with the garden above is just one of the many comforts that can be offered to family members who are tired of activities all day outdoors.

Of course, the living room together with the garden must be considered well, especially in terms of weather and furniture durability. With good planning, the living room together with the park can be the most ideal little paradise for anyone.

Simple But Still Comfortable


Keep the luxury concept first and it is impossible when the idea of ​​a living room blends with the home garden in your mind. Because with a patch of land you can still add extra lounge space that can be used with friends and family.

The park in question also does not need to be styled like a professional garden landscape magazine, the important thing is observance in creating the concept of “open” and “continuous”, so that the living room blends in with the garden to flow between spaces perfectly.

Slick Door Sliding Transition



The interior ideas of the living room together with the garden can also be presented by bridging the living room with the outdoor part via a transparent glass door. This will bring the impression of the living room together with the garden which is ideal for medium-sized or no large land left. Thus, you can enjoy two spaces at once without worrying about the cost or the complicated order.

Vertical Garden Family Room


The limited land does not need to be a reason for not having a living room to merge with the park, because the concept of a vertical garden can be an equally beautiful and fresh solution for families. The concept of a living room blends with this garden located on the upper floor with the concept of a vertical garden.

Take advantage of access to the master bedroom


For those of you who do not have an extra page on the front, do not immediately close the possibility to have a family room together with the garden. Many home models provide access to the balcony of the house adjacent to the main bedroom, so why not try to transform it into a living room together with a garden that can be enjoyed by every member of the house?

Enchanting Eclectic Decorations


Have a shop house model? Just move the living room together with the garden to the very top and create a private decorative lounge. Invite a natural impression by choosing natural elements, such as brown walls, open white roof designs, and rattan furniture. Enter the garden components that will turn the atmosphere of the family room together with the garden like a cool inspiration above.

Family Mainstay Comfort Zone


One more inspiration for the living room to be integrated with a realistic garden that you can create to enjoy with your family. The living room together with the garden can be presented as an additional area that is more comfortable to use, while the main living room can be converted into a meeting room or office space.


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