8 Wood Panel Decoration, Un-Expensive Beautiful Houses

Bored with the look of a plain house wall? Simple solution, you can overlay it with wood panel decorations. Besides not requiring a high budget, the natural texture and color of the wood paneling is ready to provide aesthetic value in the dwelling, and has good durability rather than metal even though it is used for a long time.

Are you interested in installing wood panel decorations? As a reference, Kania will share 8 wooden panel decoration ideas that you can apply on the walls of the house. Curious? Come on, see more!

Wood Panel for Perfecting Room Nuance

Wood Panel Decoration

Ruangangoogle.com Shades Wood Panel

If your house has an elongated building, you can give wood panel decorations on the far side. In addition to making the room look more lively, the placement of wood panels makes the walls look more integrated with the interior of the room as a whole.

Classic and Modern Alloys from Wood Panels

Klasikarchitecturaldigest.com Wood Panel

Wood panel decoration is also very suitable for those of you who want to combine modern and classic impression in the room. As in the picture, wood panels and wooden storage shelves give a classic impression and look very fit with a combination of other modern furniture in the home such as multimedia devices and contrasting modern sofas.

Wood Panel As Art Gallery

Senigoogle.com Gallery Wood Panel

Wood panels are also perfect for covering the walls in the corridor. In order not to get bored, you can use the wood panel as a backdrop for artwork such as paintings or photos that are hung, then add enough lighting to make the existence of wood panels resemble beautiful art galleries.

Dramatic with Geometric Wood Panels

Geometrisgoogle.com Wood Panel

So that the atmosphere of the room is not flat, you can use a geometric concept wood panel. Here, you can combine irregular pieces of wood to produce polygonal lines from various unique directions to point to a single point like a bed to produce a dramatic atmosphere.

Aesthetic Wood Panel with a Touch of Creativity

Estetikgoogle.com Wood Panel

In addition to using natural colored wood panels, you can also be creative by using wood panels like a canvas to produce artistic artwork. As in the picture, the painting on the wood panel transforms into a unique work of art to perfect the room with a minimalist interior so that it looks more charming.

Luxury Display with Glossy Wood Panel

Glossyhome-designing.com Wood Panel

The wood panel is the perfect choice for you who want to create a luxurious feel in the room. In order to look more elegant, you can use a wood panel with a glossy or shiny texture, then combine it with neutral colored furniture so that it looks more integrated.

Multi-Color Wood Panel for Trendy Impressions

Warnapinterest.com Wood Panel

You can also play colors on the wood panel to produce a more trendy impression on the room. As in the picture, the placement of natural wood panels without polish gives the room a cheerful atmosphere, especially the placement with natural lighting that highlights the wood panel directly to give an aesthetic impression.

Pixelate Wood Panels for Unique Views

Pixelategoogle.com Wood Panel

Each type of wood has characteristics such as different textures and colors. However, you can be creative by arranging wooden boxes from longitudinal pieces for a unique look of beauty by producing a bright, dark-colored pixelate gradation that is very pleasing to the eye.

You can apply the above wood panel ideas so that the appearance of the interior of the house is not monotonous and far from being boring. Interested in lining the walls of your house with wood panels?


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