Design Inspiration Practical Minimalist Workspace

Workspace is rarely enough to be a primary need and is present in a dwelling. Starting from the limited space to present this function, until it is considered not a priority, the existence and design of the workspace is often overlooked.

Whereas by applying a simple minimalist workspace design, presenting the function of the workspace in occupancy is very possible and of course work activities are not only accommodated but can be maximized.

Interested in presenting a minimalist workspace design in your home? Check out some of the inspirations from the minimalist simple but very functional workspace design below!

Exploration of Element and Basic Forms in Minimalist Workspaces

Minimalist Workspace

Elemeni.pinimg.com Minimalist Workspace

To be able to present a minimalist workspace design, you don’t need to come up with complicated designs and shapes. Using simple basic forms and arranging them ergonomically can help create a minimalist workspace that is not only attractive but also functional.

Color Schemes in the Right Minimalist Workspace

Minimalist Workspace

Warnacdn.decoist.com Minimalist Workspace

Talking about the color palette for a minimalist workspace design, avoid using excessive colors. Use only a few colors that still have harmonious and non-contrasting tones with each other.

Simplicity in the selection of the minimalist workspace design scheme also needs to be applied in the pattern application. Avoid excessive patterns, contrast, especially if it collides.

The Concept of the Minimalist Workspace “Less is More”

Minimalist Workspace

Less Is Moreqph.fs.quoracdn.net Minimalist Workspace

Minimalist workspace design, like other minimalist space designs is also close to the concept of a minimalist interior “less is more”. Basically by appearing not exaggerated both in terms of shape, color, and composition it will actually present a minimalist workspace design that is far more optimal both in terms of visual appearance and also its use function as a room to work.

Minimalist Workspace with a Touch of Natural Accents

Minimalist Workspace

Naturalhelena-source.net Minimalist Workspace

If you feel the various concepts and inspiration of the previous minimalist workspace design ideas actually give the impression of stiffness and coldness in the minimalist workspace in your residence, please use the material that is able to provide a more warm atmosphere.

Examples of these materials are wood materials. With the presence of a little wooden accent in the work room, you can drive away the impression of cold and stiffness and make the work space more intimate and warm.

White Color for Minimalist Workspace

Minimalist Workspace

Whiteeemcnow.net Minimalist Workspace

As explained at the beginning, if you have difficulty in designing a  minimalist workspace concept, using the concept of “all white” is one of the safest ways to create a work space in a simple minimalist style. Combined with good lighting, the workspace will feel wider and a sense of light will make the work become much more focused.

A Modern and Elegant Touch on the Design of Minimalist Workspaces


Minimalist Workspace

Elegand1hy6t2xeg0mdl.cloudfront.net Minimalist Workspace

Although you want to turn on the impression of minimalism, don’t hesitate to explore a little and implement a design concept with other styles in your minimalist workspace design.

 Design of Minimalist Work Space for Narrow Space

Minimalist Workspace

Sempitqb-stores.com Minimalist Workspace

There is no space limit in designing a minimalist workspace. If you have limited land, use the remaining spaces to create a simple minimalist workspace that is quite functional.

Who would have thought that spaces such as under the bed, downstairs  stairs, and backyard garden could have been a work space that was quite comfortable and functional for work use.

Increasingly sure to present a minimalist workspace design to complete the composition of space and function in your dream home? Come on, don’t hesitate to try various concepts from a minimalist workspace and anticipate the use of space to accommodate your work activities at home.


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