Low Cost Dream Baby Room ? Here’s how to get around it!

Baby’s dream room is not something that is easy to realize. The little equipment that is so much certainly needs a lot of storage and furniture to store it. The more items, the greater the costs incurred. But there are still ways to get around this problem, one of which is by modifying furniture and efficient storage.
What are some tricks you can do to realize your dream baby room, without the need to pay more? Here are some solutions that you can try to apply.

1. Breastfeeding is more relaxed with arm-chair rocking

Modification of brit.co arm chair furniture

With the armchair, you are indeed more comfortable breastfeeding in the baby’s room. But often even the little one who feels less comfortable, so it becomes fussy and easy to cry.
Pairing the legs of a rocking chair that is no longer used on the bottom of the armchair can be a way of modifying the right furniture to overcome this. With an armchair that can be swayed, you are easier to calm your baby.
To be more relaxed, place a pillow floor or ottoman to straighten your legs.

2. More practical with versatile storage bags

Multipurpose listening bag ikea.com

Adding storage to put breastfeeding equipment will spend more space. If you need a container to store various breastfeeding equipment, just install this versatile bag on the edge of a chair or sofa, the place where you breastfeed. With this versatile bag you don’t have to bother waking up to take your baby’s breastfeeding equipment.

3. Save space by turning the cabinet into changing table

Changing table from pinterest.com drawer

No need to buy a changing table, just place a changing pad on a drawer or a chest of drawers in your bedroom. It would be nice, the little things are also directly stored in the baby crib drawer, making it easier for you when changing your baby’s clothes and diapers.

4. Install the bookshelf at the bottom of the wall

Bookshelves on the bottom wall of janiphotography.com

To be more accessible to your child, you can place a bookcase or toy rack on the bottom of the wall. Also choose a shelf with a smaller size, adjust to the area of the wall used. Closed thresholds like this can also keep books neat.

5. Decorate with functional knickers

Pinterest.com functional wall decor

Decorating a baby’s room with wall decorations can indeed make it look more festive. But instead of using a variety of non-essential wall hangings, it is better to use a variety of functional wall decorations, such as wooden hangers. Not only is it used to hang clothes and equipment in small, simple wooden designs also make the walls look more attractive.

6. Storage shelves from the peg board

Storage from popsugar.com peg board

The most common mistake when storing items on a wall shelf is to simply put things just like that. In fact, this method makes the items vulnerable and scattered and the shelves appear to be cracking. With the peg board, you can hang and put your baby’s equipment in the container, so that the storage in the nursery is always neat.

7. More mobile with push storage racks


Push rack for apartmentherapy.com baby gear storage

In addition to utilizing the walls to store the little things, you can also use storage racks that have wheels so that they can be moved everywhere. This rack can be filled with various baby equipment, so it can be used wherever you change diapers.
How is it not difficult to implement some of these furniture strategies? You only need a little creativity and the courage to try it.


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