Practical and Funny, These are 6 Unique Kitchen Tools that Make Up You Cook Spirit

Speaking of cooking, this activity is one of the most favorite favorite activities. Cooking can provide its own satisfaction because it produces dishes that can be eaten alone or with family, especially if the results of the dishes are good and the positive response from the closest people. But the problem that often occurs is cooking takes a long time. Even though you have used suitable kitchen equipment, sometimes cooking can be a troublesome activity.

You need to know that there are actually many unique kitchen utensils and can help you solve this problem. By using it, you can save time and cooking becomes more practical. Because of its uniqueness too, you can have anti-mainstream kitchen equipment. Below are some cooking utensils that will help you cook or just have a unique shape. Come on, let’s see below!

Tablet support

Today, many people are starting to switch to using tablets as a medium to read various writings, including recipes. Tablets are usually placed near the cooking area which has the potential to be dirty to get spilled cooking ingredients. Now, using this tablet buffer, you don’t need to worry about your favorite tablet being dirty or damaged. Besides that, you also better read the food recipes.

If you have memorized the recipe, you can play your favorite song on a tablet that is supported by these kitchen utensils. You can also use it to view movies or video clips of your favorite singers while waiting for your cooking to mature. Of course, don’t forget to turn off the stove so that your cooking doesn’t burn.

Corn Peeler

Usually, people peel corn using some kitchen utensils, such as knives and grated. Using both can save time, but knives and graters can harm you. People also often peel corn using their hands, which takes a lot of time.

Kitchen Paring Equipment Corn rd.com

To answer this problem, try using this corn peeler. These kitchen utensils are shaped like big donuts. Stand the corn you will peel and put the peeler on top. Press the peeler from top to bottom of the corn. Corn seeds will be peeled off and entered into a circle. To remove it, you can simply make the lid of this kitchen equipment and take the corn kernels.

Blade of the Mountain Surface

Mountain Carving Knife Kitchen Supplies

Bored with the kitchen knife, right? Try using this knife. Made of stainless steel, the blade’s surface is in the form of a mountain carved. Every mountain curve is given the name of the mountain and its height. That way, your knowledge of mountains increases while cutting cooking ingredients.

However, you still need to be super careful in using these kitchen utensils. Because the surface is textured by mountains, there are some sharp points. Better, keep these kitchen appliances out of the reach of children. Don’t put the knife anywhere. Store in a safe place.

Pac Man Oven Gloves

Pac Man Oven Gloves

Gloves are used for various functions. One of them is to help protect our hands when taking a hot tray from a microwave or oven. You can try using Pac Man’s silicone gloves. This kitchen equipment can be the answer for you who are saturated with an ordinary glove model.

With a yellow circle with a gaping mouth, Pac Man’s gloves can protect your hands from the heat of the tray and hot air from the microwave or oven. You can cook while nostalgic to the old school game, Pac Man, who had hits in his day. Guaranteed cooking will be even more exciting!

Dumpling Mold

Dumpling Printer Kitchen Equipment

For you dumpling lovers, this kitchen equipment could be your answer. The troublesome thing when making a dumpling is to put the meat into the dumpling skin and glue it using water or egg white one by one. It’s the same as making apple pie or other foods that have the same technique.

Now, by using this dumpling mold, you can make several dumplings at the same time. You just have to put some dumpling skin in the mold. Give dumpling meat as desired. Apply water or egg white as glue on the edge of the dumpling. After everything is done, close the kitchen equipment and press for a while. Open the mold and voila! The dumplings are ready and you just boil or fry them.

Egg Yolk Separator Fish

Egg Yolk Separator Fish

One of the difficulties that often occurs when cooking is separating the yolk and white. The technique commonly used is to break the eggshell in half with the same amount. Then spill eggs from one shell to another until the yellow remains. This method can make your hands sticky because of the egg white.

To overcome this, try using this fish-shaped white and egg yolk separator. This super cute kitchen equipment is more practical to use. Break the egg and put it in a bowl.

Lift the egg separator and press using two fingers. Bring the kitchen equipment to the yolk and release the pressure. Egg yolks will be sucked into these cute kitchen utensils. Pour the egg yolks into the other bowl. That way, your hands won’t stick anymore.

The six kitchen utensils above are just a few of the many unique kitchen utensils that can help you be more practical when cooking. You can look for it in kitchen supply stores near your home or you can buy it. Well, if you want to buy kitchen equipment you want, adjust it also to the budget that you have. You can buy at a high price, but make sure that the kitchen equipment is used, yes!


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