Simple Teenage Pink Theme Room Decoration!

Decorating a teenage room is quite complicated. Because adolescence is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. His favorite objects in childhood can change, especially for young women. Who used to like decorating a room with a Barbie theme, maybe now prefers a minimalist theme. But one of the most common things, they rarely reject simple teenage room decorations with pink themes.

Therefore, this time Kania wants to share ideas for simple teenage pink themed room decorations. Certainly that doesn’t look tacky and can be used until teenagers grow up. Look at it!

1. Decorating simple teen rooms with pink walls

Simple Teen Room Decoration Themed Millennial Pink! Google.com

Decorating a simple teenage room with a pink theme does not mean that the entire contents of the room must be pink, but just a few elements. For example, coloring one wall area with pink and the other part of the wall using brick wall wallpaper.

If you want to highlight the more girly side, just use a few pink items ranging from pillowcases to drawer doors.

2. Decorating simple teen rooms with pink fabrics

Simple Teenage Room Decoration with Pink Millennial Theme!

The bedroom is one of the rooms that uses the most fabric elements, ranging from curtains, mosquito nets, bed linen, pillowcases, and also sitting pads. If you want to remodel a child’s room and apply simple teen room decorations, changing the color of the fabric in the room is the easiest and cheapest way.

Want to equate the motives of all fabric or not, we leave it to each other’s tastes. But we suggested avoiding pink fabrics from end to end. Instead, choose a fabric that has a pink color on the motif so that the room does not look tacky and claustrophobic.

3. Simple and elegant teenage room decor for two teenagers

Simple elegant teen room decor for two remajapinterest.com

Land limitations currently force children to occupy one room together with their siblings. But don’t make room size as an excuse for not giving simple teen room decorations.

This simple teen room decorating idea can make a medium-sized room for two people look more elegant. Use a mosquito net and a small pastel pink sofa on each bed. For the menu, choose the model dangling to the floor. Finally, add a matching colored carpet so the room feels more comfortable. Finally, add a mirror with a gold frame to perfect this simple teenage room decoration.

4. Decorating a simple teenage room a blend of pink and gray

Decorate a simple teenage room with pink and ash blends abupinterest.com

The combination of pink and gray is quite popular with teenagers because the atmosphere is not too girly but still looks beautiful. If you want this simple teenage room decoration to look “fair”, try to use pink on the curtains, chairs, some pillows and gray on the blanket, bedside, and some pillows.

5. Simple teenage room decoration with Scandinavia

Simple Teen Room Decoration Themed Millennial Pink! Google.com

Usually Scandinavian interior style rooms are dominated by white, gray, or brown. What if this time applying a simple Scandinavian-style teenage room decor with pink dominance? The result turned out to be pretty too.

The main key is to use pastel pink so the atmosphere remains soft. Don’t forget to add fabric elements that add comfort. The rest, avoid using too much decoration. Just choose a chandelier that is unique in shape and a few pots of green plants are small to put in the corner of the room.

Of the five simple teen pink themed room decorations, which one best suits your taste and personality?


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